Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Take Tesla Private And Other Thoughts (Take Solar City private too.)

Seems like an attempt of the 'strategy' that halted the smart environmental movement back in the 70's has got their greedy little fingers synchronized in a effort to slow this (today's) movement to a smarter world.
As a Tesla investor and concerned citizen of our path, I suggest that Tesla is taken private. Until steady earnings and all the other bullshit that perplexes Wall Street is behind them.

Another thought. I wonder how a really low priced long term (and I mean long term) lease would work. Maybe one to go after those just buying there first new car, timed with college, tech school graduation. Make it so reasonable upfront that it would be hard to resist. Scale the payments increasing so that as they the customer earn more they pay more. Maybe a a 6, 7, 8 year or more lease. Starting like $149 $199 a month. Use the logic of the fin. company Cabbage to determine (outside of normal scores) who would be good for it. Hopefully the free Super Charger thing stays as part of the plan if so and once the youth really find out about this in mass it's game over. If you don't buy a Tesla you surely can still use the Super Chargers except you have to pay! Less then gas but you still have to pay!

From all I hear it's (a Tesla) designed to last endlessly updated-able. Maybe work towards a unique in house trade in program start in our starter car eventually hand it off to another starting out and you move into a upgrade!

Another, pair it up (the lease) with a Solar install. And throw in a Power Wall to boot.

Last one for today _ early on Tesla I thought was really on track with this idea letting their platform be the platform for other car companies to use under their carriage. Like Mercedes was testing. I think that was really good and I hope to see that revisited to accelerate this whole thing. Back in the day (way back) they had companies building the carriages and other companies - the 'branded' bodies. You hold the future in your hands, distribute in faster.

We published a couple digital magazines and this one featured Musk's 'secret weapon' J.B. Straubel. We both have a Door County connection. Article starts on page 44 Link.

Have a Uncubed day.
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R.I.P. Arthur Fischer The Man With The Most Patents In The World.

Artur Fischer, Inventor With More Patents Than Edison, Dies at 96 When I first read of this gentleman years ago I was quite intrigued. "Mr. Fischer, a locksmith by training and an obsessive tinkerer, came up with his first patented invention in 1947, when he wanted to take pictures of his newborn daughter." “At the time, you could only use a powder flash for interior shots, which you had to ignite with a cord,” he told the magazine Der Spiegel in 2015. “It was dangerous, and the picture quality was poor because the subject usually blinked at the flash.” Necessity the mother of invention. Seems about the right way to describe his first invention. Then the floods gates of invention opened. R.I.P. He truly was a Uncubed Thinker!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our just released live interactive Holiday Wish Book.

Through our in house digital studio our team just launched and published nationally our Door County Holiday Wish Book. We think it turned out pretty cool. And as I like to roll it's innovative, cool and of some benefit as I see it. It connects the nation to the going on's and e-commerce opportunities emanating for our incredible small vacation community. In the first four days after launch 10,255 pages were consumed/viewed in 122 cities across the U.S. We have a lot more stats (but they are proprietary). getting lots of comments saying how cool it is.. and my young daughters love the fact that not one tree was sacrificed in this effort. In those first four days we avoided the use/waste of 80lbs of marketing paper.
Check it out.. More seasonal issues coming.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cool transport uncubed thinking Vindskip™ is a hybrid merchant vessel for sustainable sea transport, driven by the wind and LNG.

Project Vindskip™
The relative wind is a crucial factor in designing aircrafts, trains, propellers and sailing boats. But for the design of commercial vessels, this is a revolutionary brand new way of thinking. Inspired by the aerospace industry and the sailboat environment, the Vindskip is designed to utilize wind for propulsion. The unique is the shape of the hull, both above and below the water line.

Sustainable sea transport is dependent of the development of a new technology that can utilize the renewable resources on the sea. The wind has been made predictable thanks to modern meteorology. Through a computerized weighting of a steady flow of meteorological information, a computer program can calculate the best route taking advantage of the available wind energy. This makes it easy for the captain of Vindskip™ selecting the best course to propel the ship

To develop concept Vindskip™ hybrid merchant vessel for sustainable sea transport to an optimal form and function.

A vessel with a hull shaped like a symmetrical air foil going in the relative wind, will generate an aerodynamic lift giving a pull in the ships direction, within an angular sector of the course. This is Vindskip’s Wind Power System. The relative wind, measured on board a ship, is given by the ships course and speed and the direction and strength of the True Wind.

With an LNG-electric propulsion system as well, starting the ship from zero up to the desired speed, the aerodynamic lift now generated can be exploited to generate pull and thus saving fuel: Forming a dynamic system that maintains a constant speed of the ship. Ship types that are particularly relevant to the Vindskip design are the so-called dry cargo ships type such as RoRo, RoPax, PCTC, passenger and container ships.

Link to main site

Uncubed thought - I love it. It would be really cool to see this concept put into use... soon.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Global Business Accelerator For N.E WI - Effort Underway.

A Business Accelerator In Northeast W.I.?

After studying the successful business accelerators models worldwide we strongly feel that our region is ripe for one. I feel in the next 5 - 8 years many more communities across the U.S. (and world) are going to embrace the business dev. model so why not get in front of the crowd.

Why not here? It gets old hearing that the Midwest is a fly over area between coasts where ’all’ the tech / good ideas come from. If a person is going to do this it needs to be done right. Digital resources and money can and does flow to and from anywhere so why not here? 

What is a Business Accelerator? A 21ST Century version of a business incubator where funds (seed money) is directed to a group of technology focused startups. This in return for equity or warrants on equity on each one. In most cases the start-ups are chosen after making it through a filtering process then brought together under one roof where the ‘network
effect’ and mentor-ship can be of great value leading to a demo day. A ‘demo day’ is a scheduled day of the conclusion of the ‘startup class’ as they are referred to where they present their progress and show future potential during the pitch to the original and possible new investors and others for consideration of additional investment at higher valuations.

Why Focus On Start-Ups? “New businesses account for nearly all net new job creation and almost 20 percent of gross job creation, whereas small businesses do not have a significant impact on job growth when age is accounted for.” Taken from Forbes article about Kauffman Foundation info. Link

More news in coming soon.
Interested? 1. Be contacted when we take the next step | 2. Interested in being a mentor to the class of start-ups | 3. Interested in being an investor?
When we are ready to move forward and you want to be involved or know someone that might please contact us today..

Thanks for your time.
Best regards,
Perry Andropolis


Toyota Opens the Door and Invites the Industry to the Hydrogen Future... Open sources it's patents...Like Tesla

Toyota Opens the Door and Invites the Industry to the Hydrogen Future.

More than 5,600 fuel cell and related patents available for royalty-free use
Patents include industry leading fuel cell technology used in new Toyota Mirai  Link to full story

'With a long term particular interest in clean energy distribution/availability this was exciting to read. I feel that Elon Musk and J.B. Straubel and team who in addition building a amazing cleaner transportation solution are inspiring others to accelerate solutions and there acceptance into reality.' Perry

Here is a link to a interesting profile story of Tesla's co-founder and CTO J.B. Straubel looking into his inspiration that moved him to get involved in electrical transport. Door County Social Magazine (Go to pg. 44)

Today’s announcement covers only fuel cell-related patents wholly owned by Toyota. Patents related to fuel cell vehicles will be available for royalty-free licenses until the end of 2020. Patents for hydrogen production and supply will remain open for an unlimited duration. As part of licensing agreements, Toyota will request, but will not require, that other companies share their fuel cell-related patents with Toyota for similar royalty-free use.
Companies interested in Toyota’s fuel cell-related patents will negotiate individual contracts with Toyota. Additional details, including licensing terms and application process, are available upon request.

Toyota Advanced Technology Communications
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Monday, June 16, 2014

WSJ Has all the important stuff been invented?

Has all the important stuff been invented? Economists Debate Whether Technology Will Save the World. From the WSJ

This guys would be a grin to see live debating their divergent views of the future. Interesting read..